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City of Irvine Household Demographic ProfileIf you are a married couple with children, you will be attracted to Irvine’s top rated schools and by the fact it is rated one of the safest cities in the nation,  year-after-year. If you are a married couple without children or single, you will be attracted by the communities rich amenities, recreation centers, parks, sports fields and open space.

Irvine is a city of Villages designed by The Irvine Company, one of the Nation’s most experience community developers. Irvine was founded as one of the pioneer New Cities; the fact The Irvine Company owned all the land, was dedicated to an over-all master plan and controlled development; was in stark contrast to the largely unplanned development the was rolling out across the County.  Each Village is self contained – a place to live, learn, play and shop within a short commute of employment.

You will find some unique lifestyle choices among Irvine’s many Villages. The early villages were trend setting in design and remain popular today. Woodbridge with its lake and numerous parks has amenities no developer could afford to build again. Family or single, Irvine is a wonderful place to live.

Three Central Coast Cities Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa Plus Orange County - Demographic, Economic and Housing Profile

In this table you have a comparison on the City of Irvine with the two other communities, Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, that form the three Central Coast Cities – along with Orange County as a whole.

Irvine has a population of 207,400 people residing in some 78,800 households; the household size at 2.64 persons per household is low compared to Costa Mesa and Orange County; the median age at 33.9, reflects the youth of the residents.

Irvine has a diverse population; 45-percent are White and their is a large Asian segment comprising 39-percent of the population.

The Median Household income is well above that of the County but below that of Newport Beach – it  is $92,600. Median Family Income (which removes single households from the statistics) is $109,700.

Not surprisingly with such high household income, 65% of the population have Bachelor’s degrees or higher.

There is a large number of jobs in Irvine, in this 2010 Census estimate, 81,300. That amounts to 1.03 jobs per household. Here you will be living close to where you work.  Orange County as a whole has a high 1.54 jobs per household. It is the job center for a large number of commuters residing in surrounding counties, in particular Riverside and North San Diego Counties where homes are more affordable.

City of Irvine Education of the Population

The population of Irvine is highly educated. Some 37 percent of the population have Bachelor degrees while an additional 28-percent have Graduate or Professional degrees.

City of Irvine The majority of the population of Irvine are in their most productive years, ages 25 to 54. Professionals, business owners and independent contractors find the location close to jobs and the University of California at Irvine to be a bonus.

The median age is 33.3, influenced by the fact the city also has a significant population of children. The excellent school system is a major attraction to families with children.

There is also a significant segment of the population in the 15 to 24-age brackets. The University of California at Irvine and Concordia University attract a large student population. They add vitality to the community.

 Employment Irvine residents are largely employed in educational services and health care; some 23.6 percent of employed are in this category. The second largest grouping is in professional fields and are often managers enjoying high incomes; 18.4-percent of the population have jobs in this category.

Finance, insurance and real estate accounts for 12-percent of jobs. Irvine has major office parks and research and manufacturing – a significant 13-percent of the population is in manufacturing.

Household Income by Range bar chart with income range categories

The Median Household Income of Irvine  residents is estimated at $92,600 by the US Census.

Note the large number of households with incomes between $100,000 to $150,000 range as well as the some 10,000 residents with incomes above$200,000.

Adjacent to major employments, providing spacious and comfortable homes of recent construction and rich in amenities, Irvine attracts an affluent population.



Irvine is ethnically diverse;  a White Asian mix. Some 46-percent of the population is White while 38-percent is Asian.

Irvine is a study in California’s relationship with Pacific Rim nations, especially China. The Asian population virtually doubled between the 2000 and 2010 Census, form 42,000 in the year 2000 to 83,000 in 2010. Chinese and Korean households comprise the largest number of  Asian residents.

People of hispanic origin account for a low ten percent of the population

City of Irvine Demographic Profile Irvine Asian Population

City of Irvine Age of the Housing Stock

Owner and Renter Household and rental cost Medain $1,813

Irvine is one of the Nations new cities created in 1960 and The Irvine Company, the owner and developer, was and is a pioneer in creating livable communities. The vast majority of homes you will find were built after 1980.

I was a marketing executive employed by The Irvine Company and participated in the planning of such Villages as West Park. You will find Villages in Irvine created with you in mind; listening to consumers and hiring the brightest minds in the industry has resulted in homes and communities that are focused on a consumers lifestyle needs and aspirations.  Only the best of the Nations homebuilders have built homes here and the Company’s strong dedication to providing communities rich in amenities and reserving vast areas in natural open space is everywhere apparent.

The final bar chart in this series presents a comparison between the age of the housing stock in Newport Beach, Irvine and Costa Mesa. Costa Mesa has homes of similar age to those of Newport Beach but Costa Mesa was largely built out by 1990 while new homes continued to be built in some volume in Newport Beach. The City of Irvine is the newest of the three communities, here construction started in volume after 1960.

Central Coast Cities, Irvine, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa Age of the housing stock, bar graph showing percent distribution by year

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A Fun Look at the Population Image announcing side show on population segments residing in Newport Beach

Who lives in Irvine? This slide show will introduce you to the different segments of the population based on common characteristics in marital status, income and lifestyle. To me it is a valuable snap shot that is often a better way to look at the population than we can gain from statistics alone. Click on the I button to get information about any segment.

It provides a fun look at the population and adds perspective to the demographic information provided.

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